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Applying for MCAP

What about services received before enrolling in MCAP?

MCAP will reimburse you up to $125 for medical services which you have already paid. The services must be pregnancy-related and medically needed. Services can include pregnancy testing, certificate of pregnancy, and prenatal visits. You can be eligible if the following occurs:

  • You receive services within 40 calendar days before MCAP received your completed application and ending on the start date of coverage, and
  • You submit proof of payment to MCAP within 90 calendar days of the date you received the services.
The following information must be provided or it will not be accepted:
  1. A photocopy of the bill which includes the name and business address of the medical provider.
  2. Your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (optional) on the request.
  3. The date(s), amount PAID, and type of medical service you received.

    Mail or FAX your request to:

    Medi-Cal Access Program
    P.O. Box 15559
    Sacramento, CA 95852-0559
    FAX: (888) 889-9238

Claims with dates of services on or after your MCAP start date of coverage should be sent directly to your health plan. The MCAP cannot cover any medical services you receive after the last day of the month in which the 60th day from when your pregnancy ended.