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How do I register my baby for the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program?

Note: Babies born to mothers in MCAP have eligibility to healthcare in the Medi-Cal Managed Care healthcare delivery system unless they are enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance or no-cost Medi-Cal.

MCAP will mail you an Infant Registration Form 30 days before your expected due date. The Infant Registration Form asks for the following information:

  1. First, middle, and last name of your baby
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender (sex)
  4. Weight at birth
  5. SSN

Complete the Infant Registration Form and send it to MCAP within 30 days after your delivery. Fax this information to 1-888-889-9238, or send this information to MCAP at the address printed on the form. If you do not receive the Infant registration Form, call 1-800-433-2611. After you register your baby, the Medi-Cal for Families bills you for your baby’s monthly premium if your baby has a monthly premium. Your baby’s coverage will not begin until MCAP receives the required Infant Registration Form.

When does my baby’s Medi-Cal Access Infant Program coverage start?

Once the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program receives the Infant Registration Form and your baby is registered, your baby’s health coverage begins as of the date of birth. The infant’s coverage continues until the first birthday based on mother’s MCAP eligibility and infant’s second year of coverage can continue if the family income continues to qualify.

What health plan will my baby be in?

Your baby will get their care through Medi-Cal Managed Care health care delivery system. Once you deliver, your baby’s health, dental, and vision care coverage will be provided by DHCS through its Medi-Cal providers and managed care plans. Your newborn baby will receive medical and vision services through a Medi-Cal Health Plan and dental services through the Medi-Cal Dental Program. You will receive a notice in the mail about how your child will receive these services after you have registered your infant.

What if I don’t need coverage for my baby through the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program?

Even if you don’t need the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program for your baby, you still must notify MCAP about the outcome of your pregnancy by completing the Infant Registration Form and checking the box "I do not want to register my Infant into the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program". You need to notify MCAP within 30 days from the end of your pregnancy. Read more here.