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Anthem Blue Cross of California
Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

Customer Service Number: 1-877-687-0549,
TDD: 1-888-757-6034 (English and Spanish)
Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Who Can Join the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan

The Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan is available to MCAP-eligible pregnant women in the counties of: Alpine; Amador; Butte; Calaveras; Colusa; Del Norte; El Dorado; Glenn; Humboldt; Imperial; Inyo; Kings; Lake; Lassen; Madera; Marin; Mariposa; Mendocino; Merced; Modoc; Mono; Napa; Nevada; Orange; Placer; Plumas; San Benito; San Diego; San Luis Obispo; Santa Cruz; Shasta; Sierra; Siskiyou; Sonoma; Sutter; Tehama; Trinity; Tulare; Tuolumne; Ventura, Yolo and Yuba.

In some rural areas, there are only a limited number of EPO Plan providers. If you live in a rural area, please contact Anthem Blue Cross regarding the availability of providers.

Plan Highlights

As a member of the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP, you have your choice of Anthem Blue Cross EPO providers within your area. This includes physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals. The Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP includes the following benefits:

  • You can go to any doctor in our Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan network.
  • The Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan network has a large selection of doctors to choose from near you.
  • Our Prenatal Program, a voluntary wellness program, is designed to reduce risks to babies by educating expectant mothers and offers you free gifts for participation.
  • MedCall® is a toll-free 24 hour free nurse help line staffed by registered nurses. Services include health education, health counseling and access to recorded information on more than 300 health topics including smoking and pregnancy.
  • We have a large selection of participating pharmacies from which you can choose. For your convenience, a mail order prescription drug program is also included.

Plan Providers

The Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP offers an extensive, statewide network of physicians, hospitals and other health care professionals from which you can select for your care.

You must use a provider participating in the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan network or you will not be eligible for benefits, except in an emergency.

Once your MCAP application has been approved, a Anthem Blue Cross Provider Directory will be sent to you so that you can choose providers near your home or work.

How the Plan Works

How to Enroll

Simply write “Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan” on the “Choice of Health Plan” line on the MCAP application. No choice of Medical Group/Provider or Provider Code is required.

Once Accepted

First, select an EPO Plan participating physician from your Anthem Blue Cross Provider Directory. You must choose a participating physician from this Directory.

Second, call and make an appointment with your provider as soon as you receive your Anthem Blue Cross I.D. card. Remember, when you are pregnant it is important to begin your health care right away!

Third, call us so we can verify if the hospital you wish to deliver your baby is contracted.

If you need to consult a physician, your provider is available by phone 24-hours a day. Also, it is very important to remember that no benefits are available for services performed by a provider not participating in the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan network, unless authorized and approved by Anthem Blue Cross, or in an emergency.

For more information about the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP, please call 1-800-289-6574. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP.

The information presented on this page is only a summary. For exact terms and conditions you should refer to the Evidence of Coverage booklet for the Anthem Blue Cross EPO Plan for MCAP.