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Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Customer Service Call Center: 1-800-464-4000
24 Hours a day (except Holidays).

Who Can Join Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Kaiser Permanente Southern California is available to MCAP-eligible pregnant women who live in parts of these counties:

Riverside, San Bernardino

Plan Highlights

Congratulations! We wish you the very best during this special time. Thank you for considering Kaiser Permanente as your MCAP provider.

To promote a healthy pregnancy for you and a healthy start for your baby, Kaiser Permanente physicians and members of your medical team work together to give you:

Easy-to-use Benefits

  • No referrals needed for Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) doctor visits
  • Virtually no paperwork (except for emergency services received at non-Plan facilities)
  • Health Plan Customer Services Representatives are available by phone and at our facilities to answer your benefit and service questions.

Plan Providers

As Kaiser Permanente members, the quality medical care you receive will be provided or arranged by Kaiser Permanente physicians at Kaiser Permanente facilities. Representing virtually all major medical and surgical specialties, our doctors and medical team work together to care for one special group of people - our members. Having a doctor who cares for you as an individual and whom you can trust is very important, especially during this special time. We encourage you to choose personal physicians who best meet your needs. Your delivery and other hospital services will be provided at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals or at other hospitals contracting with Kaiser Permanente.

How to Enroll

Write "Kaiser Permanente South" on the "Choice of Health Plan" line on the MCAP Application.

Getting Started

Once you are enrolled, a Health Plan ID card and information on your new MCAP coverage will be mailed to you. Please call the Appointment Center to select an OB/GYN and schedule your first appointment. We also encourage you to select a personal care physician. Please carry the ID card with you at all times and use it to make appointments. It will be all you need to receive MCAP benefits and services.

Access to Care

Upon your effective date of enrollment, you have immediate access to Kaiser Permanente Southern California Area's benefits and services. At that time, we encourage you to schedule a prenatal appointment and select a personal physician. To schedule an appointment, or to request a Medical Facility Directory, just call your selected Medical Facility.

Important Information

The information presented on these pages is only a summary. For exact terms and conditions, refer to the Evidence of Coverage booklet for the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Plan.